Monday, May 30, 2011

Top 10 Things . . .

. . . I miss when I'm pregnant

10. Painting my toes. I can't even see my toes, let alone maneuver myself to actually be able to paint them. I'm thinkin' I need a pedicure. And while I'm at it, I cannot wait to put my shoes on all by myself again. Or at the very least, I wish that flip flops were an option. It's so rainy, wet, and muddy here, I don't think I can quite get away with them yet. And watching me attempt to try to bend over to put my shoes on? Pure comedy.

9. Deli Sandwiches. Okay, so I'm sort of getting used to it now {8 1/2 months later}, but I miss my turkey sandwiches :( Sometimes it's a struggle to find something quick *and* safe to eat at lunch time.

8. Being able to climb the stairs {or do anything, really}, without being completely out of breath.

7. Having an "inny" belly button. Enough said.

6. Decent skin. I don't have the most beautiful skin to begin with, but it suffers tremendously during pregnancy.

5. Being able to blow my nose or floss my teeth without needing a blood transfusion.

4. Getting out of bed all on my own, without the assistance of a crane.

3. Not feeling as though I'm going to pass out if I spend more than 2 1/2 minutes in the shower.

2. Being able to stand up from a sitting position without experiencing sharp, shooting pain in my legs and back.

1. Going more than 5 minutes between bathroom visits. Oh this girl is camped out right on my bladder all day and all night. It is nothing for me to get up 6 times during the night. And during the day . . . well, it's ridiculous.


Okay, now that I've gotten that out . . .

Can you keep a secret?

It may not seem like it, but I am actually going to miss being pregnant. *Someone* has made it abundantly clear that 4 is the absolute limit for us. So while I may be huge and uncomfortable and emotional {alright, a big teary, blubbery mess}, I just know how much I'm going to miss these days. Carrying a precious baby, {keeping her all to myself}, feeling those sweet kicks, and truly enjoying the miracle of life.

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Jenny said...

LOL about the blood transfusion!

It really is so special to be pregnant. I actually never felt better than when I was pregnant.

I'm so excited for you all and can't wait to see the new baby!

Colleen said...

Oh, please never say never! You and your hubby don't know what the future has in store. What if something terrible happened and you lost a child...would he/you still feel the same way? Trust in God and be open to what He has in store :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I remember all those things too...but I think I would endure them again for a little girl:) I can't wait to meet your new little cutie!

MiMi said...

I always miss being pregnant after my babes are born too. :)
Have your husband paint your toe nails. But that might not help your argument if you want another....

jennohara said...

These were hilarious...and every bit true!! Seriously...I'm not sure how I managed...but I HAD to paint my toes before the baby came...and it was...ridiculously hard.
BUT I already miss being pregnant, to be honest. :)

Rachel Sue said...

I totally get it. There is something so miraculous about it!

Connie Weiss said...

I still miss being pregnant and it's been 4 years.

Every month...I still hope for a surprise!

I hated those leg pains!

Hang in there Mama!

Mandy said...

oh does this bring back memories! and yes, I miss the misery:)

Impulsive Addict said...

I am completely jealous of your ability to get pregnant and have 4 healthy happy girls. I want soooo much to be pregnant again. =( We struggle and it sucks big time! But we have one and I wouldn't trade her for anything but I LOVED LOVED LOVED every minute of being pregnant because she was a complete miracle.

Blood transfusion! LOVE THAT!!!

Keep on keepin' on! You're almost there!!! She'll be here before you know it!

Jen said...

Cracking up about the blood transfusion - so true :) Hang in there, you're getting to the end! And we knew four was our limit. But you know that already. Now the lunchmeat - I read that if you warmed it up to steaming, it was ok to eat. I microwaved it until it was hot & then made up my sandwich...

Our Homeschool Fun said...

*Someone* here has made it clear about 4 too. But, I am pleading my case daily :-) so we'll see....

Being pregnant is such a blessing. I cherish it and wouldn't trade it or being a mother for anything.

I cannot wait to see your sweet baby, Liz!! I am so happy for you!

Oh, and to answer your question, I am LOVING my new camera!! Still have so much to learn, but having so much fun in the process. I ended up getting the Canon T2i and have a wish list about a mile long--LOL!

Good luck with all that you have approaching. Praying for good health and happiness for you and your family!

MomBrose said...

This made me giggle. I remember all too well each and every one of those things. I remember trying to cherish all the pains and kicks and feelings of being pregnant. But I refused to cherish the nausea. That, I could have done without. :) Does precious baby girl have a name yet?? :)


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