Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Is Going To Be A Long One

Just for my own journaling-peace-of-mind, I feel the need to get a few things out so that I can remember everything that is going on these days. I don't have the greatest memory anyway, but add "pregnancy brain" to it, and it's bad. So, feel free to click away today. I may just bore you to tears if you don't.

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I feel like I haven't documented this pregnancy at all. At least, compared to my pregnancy with Kam. I kept a journal on Storknet.com, and was required every week to submit an entry. I LOVE looking back on that time in my life, and I'm sad that I haven't taken the time to do it this time around. So, a few updates as far as that goes:

*I'm huge. Let's just get that out of the way now. I gained about 40 pounds with Sierra, and I am definitely going to make it there with this one. Sad, sad. The funny thing is, I am WAY more active this time around than I've ever been before. Hauling girls to dance classes twice a week, chasing after a two year old. I rarely sit down. {And please, please do not start in on "Well, you're older this time". A girl doesn't especially love to hear that she's old, mkay?} So . . . who's going to hold me accountable for getting my boot in gear to try to lose all this weight after she is born? C'mon, somebody step up.

*This little girl still has no name. And instead of narrowing the list down, we seem to keep adding names. We {the girls and I} all want to be able to call her by name, but Jeremy seems content to wait until she's born. I'm still making peace with it ;)

*This pregnancy is wearing me out! Okay, I'm going to try really hard not to complain too much, and also to remember how much I have to be thankful for. But, I just wouldn't be real if I didn't at least mention these aches and pains. {It's also important I document this for a year or two down the road when I'm having newborn envy}. I was in a car accident when I was young, and for as long as I can remember I've had back pain. It seems to get worse with each pregnancy, and I'm at a point now {probably the huge amount of extra weight isn't helping}, where I almost can't sit down, because if I do, I can't get back up. I have sharp lower back and leg pain all.the.time. Also, sweet baby girl is camped low. REALLY low. Like, the last time I was in at the doctor she said "Holy cow, she's really low!" Yes, thank you, my bladder knows this well. A bit of fun trivia: Makenna was the same way. Her head remained down and so low for such a long time, that poor little thing had quite the cone head right after she was born ;)

*I was hospitalized with Kam at 33 weeks and 1 day. I'm creeping up on that milestone in this pregnancy {actually, according to my own dates, I'm there}, and it has definitely made me think. I am so thankful that I've made it this far without any complications. Each day this little one grows stronger {and chubbier!}, and more healthy, and I am extremely grateful.

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Sierra is scheduled for her end of 3rd grade testing this Wednesday. Oregon requires home school students to be tested at the end of grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. I wish, wish, wish, we had taken it upon ourselves to test last year, just so that she'd have the experience, but alas, we didn't. I don't worry at all that Sierra is behind. In fact, I'm quite sure she is ahead in most areas. However, testing {especially at an unfamiliar facility} can be nerve-wracking, and while she does have tests at home, they aren't at all like the one she'll have this week. Any prayers for peace for her {and me!} would be greatly appreciated. She's a little apprehensive.

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And just a quick update to my resolution to read through the Bible. No, I am no where near completing this task. Actually, I'm still only in 1Kings. But it's progress. And with as crazy busy as life has been the last several months, I'm proud of it.

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MiMi said...

You have 3 precious girls, you're pregnant AND you found time to read the Bible. You are SUPER WOMAN!! :)

Colleen said...

Oooh, pick me to be your weight loss buddy after we have our babies - I'll need the help too :)

I think you're gaining weight and getting huge because you're such a nice momma. You don't want your baby to be all cramped and hungry in there, so you're giving it your best. heehee, at least that's what I tell myself as I grow larger and larger....

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I can't believe you are already 33 weeks! It seems like it has gone by so quickly, but then again I'm not the one who is pregnant:) I totally want to know what names you are considering....because I'm nosey like that! And you can count on my to try and help you lose the baby weight as long as you don't mention that I am still working on my baby weight from almost 3 years ago!

Kelli said...

I'm sure being busy with 3 girls is the reason it's harder to document these moments. I can't wait to see your newest little girl...wow, almost 33 weeks. I will be thinking about your baby girl taking her test. Jamison had some testing and I was so nervous for her. I tried to make that week easy for her and relaxing and she did great! I'm a week behind in my reading but trying to catch up...I'm excited that I'm still doing it. How cool will it be when we finish it :)

Jenny said...

I can try to be your weight loss buddy, but I am so not good at following through! LOL!

I can't believe you are already that far along! It seems like just yesterday when you announced it!

I'll pray for Sierra, it makes me nervous for her! I'm sure she'll do fine though.

Sorry about your pain. Abby was very low too, but I didn't have injuries to make it worse.

MomBrose said...

I will try to hold you accountable but I'm not very good at it. One look at a sweet baby face and I say "oh you'll lose it eventually! Look what you got out of the deal!" :)

Skylar just asked what I was reading and I told her that a friend was writing about her new nameless baby. She says Skylar is a good name. :) She also likes Adella (a baby at our church), Cadence (one of her best friends), and Sweet Pea (what she called Bailey as a baby). :)

Do you have a chiro that you trust? That works wonders for those pregnancy pains!

Abra said...

oh, i loved this update on life from you. especially the pregnancy! so thankful you have made it this far without any complications, i will definitely be praying about your pain you having, though! and oh mee gee, you are going to have another baby like soon. :)

prayers to sierra too with the testing!

oh, i also saw someone comment on recommending a chiro. one of our very good friends is one and he highly highly recommends it during pregnancy, i have friends that said their labor was much easier (if that word is even allowed in labor-hehe) when they saw a chiropractor.

Busy Bee Suz said...

YOU are accomplishing amazing stuff each day....enjoy.
40lbs? Child's play. I hit 52 with my first. Yeah, fun times.
Sorry she is soooo low on your bladder now, that is not a good feeling...but you are getting there. Maybe you need to sit more???
Names? oy, don't get me started.
If I could do it again, I would go away from what everyone else was named. (well, I thought I did!) And still, my girls each have friends the same name. I hate that.

Connie said...

WOW! You are a busy girl!

It will be nice when you can finally relax after your un-named baby arrives. OH wait....

Praying for an easy couple weeks and good testing.

shortmama said...

Sending prayers the test goes well!

We are bless in AZ no testing required!


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