Monday, May 16, 2011

Sierra and Makenna had a dance performance on Saturday at the annual Spring Fling. Most years the weather is gorgeous. One year? 92 degrees. This year? I don't know . . . 50? So we got our glitz on, bundled up, and headed over. And they did such a fantastic job!

Danceday1 B

I love this shot because Kam is always looking to her big sissies. She wants to do everything they do. I'm pretty sure we may have another one in dance soon ;)

Danceday2 B

We had a bit of a wait before it was the girls' turn to dance. So Gramps provided the perfect seating.

Danceday3 B

First Kenners' class . . .

Danceday4 B

Then Sierra's.

Then we took off because we were freezing to death ;)


So . . . the laptop officially died {and I may have almost cried} :( And the desktop is barely holding on {and runs at the speed of a snail. Seriously, this one post took me FOREVER}, so I may not be around much. Just thought I'd mention it lest you all think I went into early labor ;)

Speaking of? We may just be closer to a name for this little girl. Whew!

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MiMi said...

Oh no, the laptop died!! :(
The pictures are adorable. :)

Jenny said...

Bummer about the computer situation! That stinks!

That first pic of Kam looking at the older girls is so cute.

Connie said...

They look great! I couldn't dance in the cold like that.

Bummer about your computer. :(

Foursons said...

Beautiful pictures Liz. You are becoming a pro w/that camera. I love the first picture for the exact same reason as you. So precious.

My sincerest condolences to you and the loss of your computer.

Kelli said...

Oh no...not dead computers...that will never work! Those are great pictures...looks like a lot of fun. Ooh, ooh, I'm excited about the name because you have cute names.

MomBrose said...

Love their costumes and that first picture is just precious!!!
Hope you'll check in when you can. :( Sorry about your computer. :(

Colleen said...

The picture of the three sisters is so so so so great!

And congrats on choosing a name, it's hard finding a fourth name for the same gender, isn't it??

Busy Bee Suz said...

The girls are just that photo of the three of them!!!
Boooo to the laptop.
Yippee to a name!!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

They all look so cute! I'm sure Kam is more than ready to start dancing with her sisters! I can't wait to hear the name!! And BOO for broken computers...I hope you get it fixed soon:)

jennohara said...

Yay!! Names are so exciting! I wish we had one... :(
The girls are adorable! I dont think I can say it enough! :)


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