Thursday, November 1, 2018

I Can Safely Start Prepping For Christmas Now . . .

Y'all, it is November 1st!!!


That means I can *now* start openly talking about Christmas.
I promised Sierra: No Christmas movie-watching, Christmas music, or Christmas prep 
{aside from a bit of shopping here and there so it's not all heaped on at the last minute, *and* crafts for our upcoming Christmas Bazaar},
until after Halloween.

And here we are ~ November 1st!!!

So . . . one of my most favorite Christmas activities is wrapping gifts.
I love the wrap, the ribbons, the bows, the tags.  All of it.

We've been making our own gift tags for years: 


But last year I tried something new.
I printed out a bunch of my favorite, wintry prints in wallet-size,
punched holes at the top, and strung string through, and voila!
Gift Tags.

This year I got fancy and adhered cardstock to the back to finish them off, 
and sturdy them up a bit.

The photos I used to make my tags this year are general, wintry images as I am selling them at our local Christmas Bazaar.
BUT ~ how adorable would it be to print off images of your littles playing in the snow, baking cookies, or enjoying other holiday festivities?

To make your own just print off your favorite images, slap some glue and cardstock on the back, punch a hole, slip some ribbon through, and you can have your own, personalized tags.
Let me know in the comments if you make some!

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Jenny said...

Those are cute! I'm so excited for Christmas!!

Sarah Shumate said...

How about I just buy some of yours instead? :) They are beautiful!!


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