Friday, October 23, 2009

Flashback Friday, Pregnancy Journal Week 22

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement regarding my long-winded Etsy / small business rant yesterday! You gals are the greatest!


Here we are, another Friday! Another pregnancy journal ;)

{originally submitted to Storknet November 5, 2008}

Week 22 ~ Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been one of those weeks that never seems to end, around here. Sierra and Makenna continued to fight the cold/flu, and Jeremy didn’t manage to escape the germs this time. While the girls are feeling much better now, they are still not quite themselves which means a lot of grumping and fighting with each other, and that can make any week seem long.

Jeremy and I managed to get out to hunt this week. This was only my second year of hunting, and honestly I wasn’t sure how I felt about it in the beginning. I love that he is so passionate about it, but didn’t know if I could share in that. Last year, my first year of hunting experience, was pleasantly surprising. I found that I really enjoyed the time we got to spend together, and I wound up getting my first deer ever. But the uneasiness returned this year, being that I am five months pregnant. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to go along this season. But that all changed this week. He had asked me to go with him, so I thought “what’s the harm?” As we were walking, I remembered why I enjoyed that time together. The scenery is gorgeous (especially this time of year), and I don’t often take the time to just sit and watch nature. It is wonderful to slow the pace and appreciate your surroundings, and let‘s face it, we don‘t get a lot of time alone together. In the end, we got to do more than just appreciate the scenery, and wound up with a very exciting evening, as I got my second deer!

Of course our week also included lots of Halloween fun! Though it was a bit more quiet than in years past, we all had a great time. We visited a few houses and businesses around our little community, then called it a night early. Later on, while Jeremy went to watch his brother’s last home football game, the girls and I snuggled in bed and watched Halloween specials. And may I just say that Sierra and Makenna made the cutest little kitties ever!

This week also included a monthly trip to the doctor. I saw a different midwife this time (the women’s clinic I go to encourages visits with all the midwives and doctors so that a patient gets to know each one before delivery). I loved her! We just clicked, and she really took a lot of time to answer my questions ~ I appreciate that. We discussed the “low lying placenta” issue, and she told me though I shouldn’t worry, I do need to be careful and aware of some warning signs, and I would need to alter some “activities”. Honesty I was a little surprised because when I got the original call regarding the issue, I had specifically asked the other midwife if there was anything I needed to do differently, and she had said no. Luckily I only have a few weeks to wait it out, as I will have another ultrasound to check on the placenta at my next appointment, at the end of the month. I should know more then (plus, how exciting to get another peek at my little sugarplum!).

I’m having a candle party tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to it, but having people over means I really need to get some things cleaned up and organized around here. At 6 and 3 I think the girls are old enough to start being responsible for the clean up of their toys and games, but it is definitely a work in progress. I feel like I follow behind all day long picking up after them. It will be fun to make some treats for the party (I know the girls will enjoy helping with that!), and I always love a get together.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Wow how exciting to go hunting while pregnant and to get a deer. They did make the cutest kitties. How neat to have a midwife too.

Tiffany said...

I think your flashback friday is such a neat idea! Love the photo!

Catherine Anne said...

Its so hard when the kids are not feeling good. They just cant help but to be grumpy! I hunt with Allen when I can. I feel so much like you when it comes to our time together and the beautiful nature around us. I still have never killed a deer. Maybe this year well see. My son and husband did get one this morning! Love that you have a midwife as well. Its a dream of mine! Blessings Catherine

Jenny said...

Cute kitties! I don't think I ever thought pregnant people went hunting. Good for you for catching dinner! LOL!

Laura said...

Hi! I'm a new follower-just saying hi!

Foursons said...

I never would have taken you for a hunter! I'm shocked!

Kristen said...

That's awesome that you hunt with J. I've actually gone a few times with Adam, although I don't hunt...too cheap to pay for the license. The alone time is great though and it is nice to be able to support him in something he loves so much. (I have helped him clean several deer though...) :)


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