Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Daydreamin' ~ Disney!

I've pretty much been daydreamin' about a vacation since . . . our last vacation. 

When Sierra and Makenna were little, we vacationed pretty frequently.  San Diego one winter, Hawaii the following Fall, then Disneyland a year and a half later.

Then I got pregnant with Kam, had some complications with her, and the following year we decided to start building our house.  All of which resulted in not many big vacations.  And now?  Well, now we can't really afford to go anywhere.  Four children, and a brand spankin' new mortgage . . . yeah.

But luckily, thanks to Becca {RWeThereYetMom?}, I can relive our days of vacations!

Today, I am traveling back to April 2008 . . . our trip to Disneyland!!

Miss Kenners had just turned 3, and Sierra was 5 1/2.  Do you see how little they were??  Jeremy and I were a little younger too ;)


We took the grandparents with us, and had so much fun!



Lunch with the princesses was a must!  I think that was a highlight for the girls.

Fun in the sun

It was such a fabulous vacation, and we want to go back in the worst way!  I can only imagine how much more fun it would be with all four of our girls!!


Head on over to Becca's to read about others' Daydreams!

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MomBrose said...

We have such great vacation memories too! This was our first big trip since before Bailey was born. Two is just easier, isn't it? :)

When you come back down, at least we can see you!
Did I tell you Skylar's kinder teacher used to be Belle at Disneyland? She loves having a real princess for a teacher ;)

Date Girl said...

aww they look so happy! I bet it was nice having the grandparents too. I've only been to Disneyland a few times but it's always been so fun. I want to see the updated Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

Such great pictures!! Can't believe how young the girls look!

A perfect daydream!

Happy Labor Day!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...those lil' chipmunk cheeks. I just want to squeeze them!!!
I am sure you will get back there with ALL four of your princesses one day.
have a great weekend!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

First, can I say that you look the same now as you did then. How are you doing that?
Disneyland is so much fun! Love your pix. Would you believe that I live 20 minutes from Disneyland but Grant has never gone...?

♥Amber Filkins: Silver Lining♥ said...

SO sweet! We LOVE Disneyland. We've gone every June for the last few years, but obviously we weren't able to go this past June. I would've been in a wheelchair with my big ole belly. lol

The girls are SO cute! Kenners looks so little and chubby. :)

And yes, you look as awesome in those pictures as you do now!

♥ Amber

Jenny said...

Whoa Belle is about to pop out of her dress. LOL!

What a fun vacation! You all look so cute!

We'd love to take Abby to Disney someday, but Hawaii is higher up on the priority list.

Kelli said...

They were so little! This sounds like a really fun time. I love Disney and I can't wait to be able to take my kids one day.

Impulsive Addict said...

Such a beautiful family! You're still just as gorgeous girly!!

MiMi said...

SO JEALOUS! I love Disney! I can't wait until we can take the boys.

Anonymous said...

You can totally tell how much they loved it!!! I just love the magic of Disney! We had year passes when we lived in was like a dream come true for Lexie! :o)

Xazmin said...

We have never been on a big family vacation. Heading up to Idaho for the bi-yearly family reunion is about as big as it gets for us.

But we have a family plan for saving up for our Disneyland trip...we're so excited to share it with our kids!

Loved the pics - you all look like you're having a fabulous time!

AndreaLeigh said...

how fun! we went to disney when I was 31 weeks pregnant, and we're planning to return in 2012, when my son will be almost three. crazy!

Anonymous said...

What lovely family vacation photos - they remind me of when my girls were younger and loved those princesses!


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