Thursday, September 8, 2011


I don't know that I love any one age or stage more than another.  There are things I adore about each, and there are challenges that come along with each.  I love, love, love the newborn stage.  The newness.  That smell.  Their little noises.  It is a favorite stage of mine, no doubt.  But then there's 6-18 months.  Oh how I love that time period.  All of a sudden they can sit on their own, then they're scooting, and crawling, and walking.  Oh my.  They're so busy, and they learn so much.  They're putting words together {but not so much so that they can be too sassy!} That stage is another favorite of mine.  And, of course I love it as children grow, and mature, and become their own little people.  It's such fun to watch Sierra and Makenna as they develop their own likes and dislikes, strengths and talents.

But there is something. 
Oh my is there something about a 2-3 year old that just melts my heart.

The silly sayings, the drama, the excitement. 

Seeing everything new, and for the first time. And that energy.
Oh the energy.


This little princess is no exception.


She has me practically rolling on the ground laughing every single day. Now don't get me wrong, she's exhausting. And challenging. Ohhhhhhhh dear is she a challenge. Kameryn is by far my most . . . uh . . . spirited child. Can you just see it? Can you tell?


But she brings me so much joy.


Even on the roughest days ;)


A few things I want to jot down {because I haven't a memory anymore}:

♥ Kameryn talks nonstop.  Seriously. NONstop.  If she's not chatting at one of us, she's looking at herself in the mirror and chatting to herself.  The only time she's not talking is when she's asleep.  No exaggeration.  {Confession: she may come by this naturally.  Someone else was quite the talker as a little girl.}

♥ She comes up with the funniest things, and I have no idea where she's gotten them.  Example:  If she leaves the room for any reason, she makes sure to warn everyone not to "steal" whatever is hers.  "Mama, don't steal my milk."  This cracks me up because we're not much into stealing around here.

♥ Kam is going through a picky eating stage.  She loves pancakes and waffles, sometimes cereal, and, well, that's about it.  So she requests breakfast foods at all times of the day {and night!}.

♥ Oh, and let's not forget her love of chockit doonuts {chocolate donuts}.

♥ She seriously loves her baby sister.  Kameryn has never shown one minute of jealousy or negativity toward Taylor.  She practically squeals with delight when Taylor wakes up in the morning, and is the first to try to help me change the baby's diaper.  She is such a "big helper".

♥ Which leads me to another of her silly sayings.  Every time that Kam is being a help to me, I gush about it and say something like "Kam, thank you SO much!  You are SUCH a big helper to Mama!!"  So now, if she needs any help, she'll ask, "Mama, you be a big helper to me?"

♥ Miss Kam is severely afraid of animals.  She pretends like she loves them . . . until they come too close.  And then she screams like crazy until someone "rescues" her. 

♥ She would wear a nightgown all day long, every single day, if I'd let her.  She has a couple of summer nighties, but lately has taken to going through my "nightie" drawer.

♥ Kam has a few "best friends".  The one on the absolute top of her list?  Daddy.

♥ Kam LOVES . . . ♥

The color pink
Dress Up Clothes
Accessories {the more, the merrier is her motto}
Baby Dolls
Having her hair done


♥ I love the way she pronounces certain words. ♥
  Some of my favorites:

Lee-Lips {Lip Gloss/Lip Stick}
Chickum {Chicken.  Though lately she's been pronouncing it correctly}
Hotbooties {Ha! This is actually her version of Strawberries}
Blue Hotbooties {Blueberries}
Mik {Milk.  Apparently the L is silent}
Ah-melon {Watermelon}
Killie {Kitty.  The other night she actually reached out to pet the kitty!  We're making progress}


Oh Miss Kameryn, you bring a smile to my face every day.

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Kelli said...

This is such a sweet post! So smart to get all of this written out so that you'll always remember this stage. She is so, so adorable.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Liz this post made me smile! I love that 2-3 year old stage when they are still a baby but not really a baby. I love all her funny pronuciations....Eli has quite a few of those too! Last night the ladies at church were laughing at him because he was insisting that he has 4 sisters and he called Henry and Grant his sisters:)

Connie said...

That was my favorite age too.

I have a video of M that I watch all the time because her voice and laugh is so awesome!

Jenny said...

She is just gorgeous! I love the pics!

You are right, that is a fun stage. She sounds so funny and sweet, what a great little girl!

Sarah Kate said...

GREAT pictures of her! I love the sad face. Those moments are just as fun to look back on as the smiling happy faces. :o)

Hotbooties made me laugh out loud!! Where in the world did she come up with that?! What a creative little chickie! I think she's going to turn out a lot like her momma!

MiMi said...

Awww! That stuff is adorable!!!

Kasey said...

She is so precious! Her eyes are very captivating! And I love all those cute words she pronounces!

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!

I remember when she was born b/c she was right behind Ian!!!! I hate that they are growing up!!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

It is so smart of you to write this all down.
I was reading and looking at her photos thinking: She has the face of an could she be a challenge...and when I got to the last photo I almost choked on my coffee!!!!!
Have a great weekend with your harem.

MomBrose said...

What gorgeous pictures!! I love the funny pronunciations too :) I love this stage as well!!

Foursons said...

What a precious gift she is! Two is one of my favorite ages too. They soak up EVERYTHING like a sponge and grow and change so much.

~~Mel~~ said...

This post brought a smile to my face! She looks like such a delight...even if at times she's a bit of a challenge.

I must say she is absolutely gorgeous!

Jessica said...

I need your camera and your skills. Your pictures are amazing and your subjects are the cutest!


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