Monday, June 11, 2012

Field Trip

I love field trips.
This school year was a little different, so we only managed one official field trip.
We'll have to make it more of a priority next year.

Last week we finished our year with a trip to . . . .
The Wastewater Treatment Center.

Fieldtrip04Glamorous, right?
But actually it was very interesting.
If you could get past the smells.


The girls were so cute holding, holding hands the whole time.

Miss Kam even got some hand holding in ;) 

And after our tour we headed to the park for lunch and a visit. 
Not surprisingly, that was the best part of our day.
Dear friends are so precious.  Amen?

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Connie Weiss said...


What an interesting place to visit.

Kelli said...

Amen! I love the picture of them holding their noses :)

Foursons said...

I did a trip like that in high school and remember the smell well. Yuck!

Glad you had a good ending to the day. :)

Jenny said...

LOL at the picture of them holding their noses! Neat field trip though.

I'm so happy you all had a nice day out with friends!

MiMi said...

That's funny because my brother just got his degree and certificate to work in one of those places. LOL He said it's RANK in there.

Busy Bee Suz said...

AMEN! So glad you don't have smellovision via your blog.
Cute photos....and I'm sure the kiddos learned a thing or two as well.


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