Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today . . .

I looked like this:
Almost there

One year ago today,
I had an OB appointment, and was told I was 4.5 cm dilated.

One year ago today,
hearing that I was 4.5 cm dilated made me a little nervous.

One year ago today,
I stopped at the store on the way home from my appointment to pick up last minute things for the Birthday/BBQ we had planned.  I also picked up a "coming home outfit" for baby.

One year ago today,
I thought we'd actually have that BBQ.

One year ago today,
my mother-in-law and I texted non-stop discussing which day would be best for baby girl to arrive.

One year ago today,
I called my sister on the phone, and when I told her I was 4.5 cm dilated, and not at the hospital having a baby, I believe she said something like, "WHAT?!  Get your booty to the hospital right now, young lady!"

One year ago today,
I didn't get my booty to the hospital.  I just stayed put awhile longer.

One year ago today,
I didn't even have a name picked out for my fourth baby girl.

One year ago today,
Jeremy and I were still debating names.

One year ago today,
I was soooooo anxious to meet this precious little bundle who had been kicking and punching me for months ~ and who happened to have about 42 hiccup episodes a day.

One year ago today,
my back ached, my body was exhausted, and I couldn't see my feet.  But I didn't care.

One year ago today,
I didn't know that in less than 24 hours I would hold my fourth daughter, and become a Mama all over again.
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Impulsive Addict said...

Such a sweet post! You looked GREAT one year ago, btw! ;-)

MiMi said...

Beautiful!! Happy birthday to miss Taylor!

Jenny said...

Adorable post! I can't believe Taylor is a year old already!

Kelli said...

You were, and still are, so beautiful. What an exciting time!!!

Our Homeschool Fun said...

This post gets to my heart today, Liz. Wow, that year flew :(. You looked beautiful in that picture, beautiful, and you are today too!!

Hugs, Liz!


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