Thursday, June 7, 2012


Another year of dance is behind us.
Seriously?  Where does the time go?
I'm not going to lie, there were days that it was difficult to get us all out the door and to class on time.
There were days I didn't really feel like chasing a little one all over the dance floor for an hour while we waited for the sissies to finish their lesson.
But, in the end, it is SO worth it.
Watching the girls up onstage is such a joy.
It is amazing how much they've grown in just a year.

You knew it was coming . . .

Gorgeous, right?

Oh I am so proud!!

So . . . . real quick.  I kind of feel like I've already asked for more prayers than I should be allowed.  But . . . we have been battling some sort of illness off and on {but mostly on} for nearly 2 1/2 months.  It seems that once one of us starts feeling better, someone else comes down with something. If any of y'all feel led to pray for health and healing here {as well as peace and guidance}, I would be so appreciative. 

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Kelli said...

You can NEVER ask for too much prayer...ask away (Matthew 7:7). Your girls are just so cute! Way to go :)

mountain mama said...

beautiful indeed...praying for y'all!!

MiMi said...

You can't ask for too many prayers, there's no such thing!!
And those pictures are gorgeous!

Jenny said...

I will for sure keep you all in my prayers!

These are great pics, the girls look gorgeous!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Never worry about asking for prayers or help. I feel for you all...I don't feel like I'm really getting better and it is frustrating. And I am JUST ONE PERSON!
Prayers for you all my friend.
I love those photos; your girls are amazing. I'm so glad you pushed yourself to those classes...I am sure that was a feat in itself this past few months.

Connie Weiss said...

They look fantastic!

Praying for you guys.

MomBrose said...

Beautiful! And I'm so glad to see that their costumes aren't overly mature. That's an issue with a lot of dance studios here.
And of course I'll pray! Never hesitate to ask!

Foursons said...

They are beautiful. I especially love the shot with the tassel dresses. Such great movement!

And of course I will pray for you. Never hesitate to ask.


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