Friday, April 10, 2009

How I Wear . . .

Steph, from Adventures in Babywearing, has encouraged us to post our favorite babywearing shots, stories, questions, etc. How fun! Wanna join in? Go visit Steph's post to link up and read about others who wear their little ones, and also to take a peek at her sugarplum, Ivy ~ what a doll baby!

I wore Sierra in a sling all.the.time. I remember one bitter cold day in January (she'd have been about 5 months old) our dog, Grizzly, "escaped" for a play day of his own (for the millionth time, and, as always, on a day that Jeremy was at work). I bundled little Sierra up, plopped her in the sling, and away we went chasing after that silly dog!

Makenna didn't love the sling, and I didn't push it; she seemed happier in the front carrier. Overall I didn't wear her as much, as she's always been the type to like her own space.

Then came little Kam. I was in the hospital for two weeks before delivering our tiniest miracle. I was induced 5 weeks early, and we were all unsure of her future. But the Lord truly blessed us the day she was born. I didn't want to put her down for even a minute. Sitting on the couch all day cuddling Kameryn wasn't an option ~ I have two other children and a husband to take care of. Once again the sling came to my rescue.

Kam doesn't descriminate ~ she loves the sling AND the Baby Bjorn. As long as we're together, she's happy. I wear her while the girls and I dance, I wear her when I clean house, I wear her when we shop, and even when I'm preparing dinner (Preparing, people, I do NOT wear her while cooking over the stove, please don't send hate mail ).

The downside to baby-wearing . . . I am now a little preoccupied with all of the beautiful slings and carriers out there. And I want them, I want them all.

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onegirliegirl said...

Oh, how adorable!!! Love those glasses {Kam's} hehehe.

I loved wearing Kelly!! Too bad I didn't discover the joys of babywearing until my 4th baby :(

Blessedw5mom said...

Ohhh ... yes, its addicting all these slings and thing! Beautiful picture of the two of you!

Summer said...

I love the hands free parenting that a sling brings, especially with older kids to chase. :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I know that downside well! And OH MY is that not the most fabulous photo ever!!!!


Amber said...

SO sweet!! I have to admit, I never wore either one of my girls. I wanted to. And oh, I tried with Maddie. But I could NEVER figure out those dang contraptions {baby bjorn}. I just held them all day long. :) I have very strong arms now as a result! {I didn't say sculpted, unfortunately, just strong}

Anonymous said...


Upstatemomof3 said...

Hee hee! I know how you feel. I have a love/hate relationship with wearing my daughter. We are wrap people as the sling just does not work for us. I don't know why but we just cannot seem to get comfortable in it. Which makes me sad. I WANT to love the sling but we don't. I do believe that God created the wrap just for Baby Sister and me though - life is so much better since we got it.

Carrie said...

Love my ring sling - I didn't get mine until my toddler was 14 or 15 months old, but we love it. Can't wait to use it with another newborn- I'm glad it works so well for you. Also, if you wear your daughter in a back carry in the Bjorn or something similar, you can cook with her on your back- my hubby & I work at a camp, and I wore my son a TON on my back while I cooked in the camp kitchen. Unfortunately, he's so active now, he doesn't last long on my back. :(


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