Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunny Days Are Here Again!

We got out in the sun yesterday, and it was just what we needed! Amazing how a few rays can do wonders for your mood. Don't talk to me about how it's supposed to start raining again tomorrow, nope I'm not listening, (hmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm, I can't hear you!). Let me just enjoy it :)

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mcstitch said...

You have some beautiful girls! How blessed you are!
It's sunny today and we had 50-60 degree weather last week. Yesterday we had a freak snowstorm and the yard I thought I was going to get to mow today is still covered with snow... I hope we get back to the "real" spring weather by Easter!

onegirliegirl said...

Wow! That is some nice weather. We couldn't even brave short sleeves with the horrible wind gusts making everything so cold here.

BTW, those cheeks on Ms. Kam...she ain't no preemie looking babe anymore ;) I'm pinching 'em right thru the screen. I am!

Abra said...

I know, sunny days are the best! It was 65 yesterday and today it snowed! Yuck!

Amber said...

Ah! you guys are just so cute! I love your little girlies. I wish we could come play. All of our little girlies would have!

Hit 40 said...

I have to also add! BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!! Hoppy Easter. Take more pictures.


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