Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Joys of Spring

Ahhhh, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and for the first time in months ~MONTHS, I tell you ~ the temp is going to hit an all time high of (are you ready for this????) 70! Woo-hoo! Nothing can bring me down, this is the best day ever!

Oh wait, now I gotta figure out what to wear. Hmmmm, this could be tricky. Nine weeks post partum with my third baby means I don't own many clothes that fit all that well at the moment. No biggie, I'll just throw on jeans and a short sleeve shirt, it's not like it's hot outside or anything.

Yeah, only, my six year old seems to have a problem with that. It seems it is very important to her that I sport capris or shorts today in honor of our long lost friend, the sun. Did I mention I rarely wear shorts when I'm *not* carrying around an extra 12 pounds!? She's a persistent little thing. I start to plead my case: hunny, I don't know that I have any that are going to fit so well right now. She counters, Just try 'em on.

(Great, I LOVE trying on clothes I know are going to be too small, it's such a confidence booster)

On go the first pair. Snug, just as I'd thought. I give her the look. Mom, just don't zip them all the way. (Aha, why didn't I think of that?) Ay yi yi. I finish zipping and wait for her approval . . . Aw Mama, you look adorable.

Hope you're all enjoying a nice spring day, every little part of it!

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onegirliegirl said...

I bet you do look adorable!!

We had beautiful spring weather also. Tomorrow is the return of winter. all cold fronts everywhere :)

BTW, I LOVE the new blog!!! Teach me how to do these cute signatures I keep seeing in bloggy world.

xoxo ~Lisa

Kristen said...

I know how you feel...only I am 6 months postpartum...yikes! :)


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