Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

2002 ~ 8th folder ~ July

25th picture

{if you don't have this far back pick the next closest year}

Well, this computer is just over a year old, so I'm only going back to July 2008

Family Camp 2008

My extended family gets together for a reunion of sorts. The kids run and play, the guys fish, and my amazing aunt organizes games, crafts, and activities. It's great fun.

This picture was taken only 9 short months ago, but my how things have changed. We have added our sweet Kameryn to the family since then (I was only about 6 weeks pregnant when this photo was taken). And look at Sierra, she hadn't lost any of her top teeth (she's now missing both!) Makenna's hair I had cut short, and she had bangs. Her hair is now long and the bangs are gone (well, not really, ya'all know how long it takes to grow out bangs!) I love this picture because you can see how the little girls want to do whatever the big girls are doing.

Ahhh Summertime. I love it. I love the sun, I love the fun!

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Vivienne said...

Cute! Isn't it completely AMAZING how much they grow in just a few months?!

Taylor said...

Great photo. They grow up too fast!

onegirliegirl said...

My how time flies!! Cute pic!


Clair said...

sounds like a fantastic camp.

Jenny said...

Great picture. That sounds like a lot of fun!


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