Monday, April 27, 2009

Three Months Ago Today . . .

My sweet Kameryn Faith, you are three months old today. My how time flies and stands still all at the same time. In some ways it seems only yesterday you were kicking away in my tummy (and boy did you kick! Even the nurses said they'd never seen a tummy change shapes like mine). Though in many others it seems like you've been with us forever.

A short NICU visit

Three months ago, today, you made your grand appearance into this world, albeit a little early, and a little forced. You weren't ready, were ya? Yeah, me neither. I cherished the time I had you all to myself. That day, your birth day, was an uncertain one. You were supposed to be on the brink of heart failure. You were supposed to need a blood transfusion. You were supposed to have a lengthy NICU stay ahead of you. But you didn't. You arrived screaming and yelling and putting up quite a fuss. And after a very short NICU visit (it was so short I'm not even going to call it a stay), you were right where you needed to be . . . in my arms, in my room, with me.

Wow, I look so pretty. Two weeks in the hospital and 26 hours of labor, later.

And that's pretty much where you've been ever since, isn't it? Nursing in my lap, cuddled in the sling, sleeping peacefully beside me in our bed at night. We're inseparable, you and me. And I'm not the only one who thinks you're something special. Your sisters cannot get enough of you. They, in fact, fight over who gets to be closest to you, who gets to give you a big smooch first, who loves you the most. And you've always got a grin for your daddy. I know there's a special place in his heart just for you.

Getting so big!

At three months old you weigh 14 pounds. Not so tiny anymore, are ya? You barely fit into 0-3 month clothing (though we're trying to squeeze you in a little longer as all your 3-6 month clothing is for warm weather, and we haven't had much of that lately!). You give the sweetest smiles, enjoy bath time, and LOOOVE to dance. Your sisters plug in the iPod, Mama scoops you up, and you show off your moves. You are spittier than your sisters were, and have the hiccups all.the.time. You're not a quiet little thing. No, not in the least. And you never want to be put down. No swing or bouncy seat for you. But that's okay, there's always someone waiting to hold you.

Precious Kam, we love you so much. You truly are the most special gift from God. Happy three months, darlin'!


Colleen said...

She's beautiful!! Now I want a little baby girl again :)

Jen said...

That is just precious - what a beauty! Thanks for sharing her special milestone with us!

onegirliegirl said...

Now, I'm crying! That is a beautiful tribute for Kam! The picture of you holding her and she's sooo red, reminds me of my Finn when he was born.

He was such a lobster...the nurses joked that they all knew exactly whose baby was mine...rendering the id bracelets unnecessary :)

Happy Birthday Kam!!

xoxo ~Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, this brought tears to my eyes. Happy three months, Kam. Yes, you are a very special gift from God and you are loved so much by so many around you. Yes, you are all that your mommy says you are! I cannot wait to hold you again. Your nana

McVal said...

What a beautiful little baby! I think with 3 kids of my own, the 3 month mark blew right past me for mine! But every day was a day of firsts.

Kristen said...

What a sweet recapturing of the past three months. It's so amazing how fast they grow. :)

Xazmin said...

She's so beautiful! What a sweetie. They grow up too, too fast!

Kelly said...

She's so pretty. I'm glad there was nothing seriously wrong. And you look great too.

FLO said...

Yeah, I'm teary, too. What an awesome mama you are, Liz. All of your girls are blessed to have you. Happy 3 months!


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