Friday, April 17, 2009

Who Knew . . .

. . . that this little pumpkin, this sweet, peaceful-looking sugarplum (look at those adorable little tootsies! Ooops, getting off track) could make such a racket! I mean, I know all about the set of lungs on Kameryn. She spends many an evening giving those lungs quite the exercise when she can't get settled in for the night. But typically we're easy-going during daylight hours. Not so yesterday.

We've ventured out before, just the four of us, though not often. Usually my mom tags along. But since Mom's birthday is Sunday, and the purpose of the outing was to pick out a gift for her, we had to leave her behind ;) We waited until Kam was good and sleepy, loaded her up, and away we went. By the time we got to town, she was awake. A little background info, in case you couldn't already tell, Kam is not content to hang out in her car seat. She's not content to hang out, period. She doesn't like the swing or the bouncy seat. The only way you can get her to stay in the carseat is if she is asleep (and that happens less and less as she gets a little older).

No problem, she'll surely drift back to dreamland. All the while, Sierra and Makenna had chosen the "big cart". You know the one? It has two plastic seats attached to the already large cart. It's impossible to maneuver, especially with a four year old and six year old occupying the seats. It's like driving a bus, I tell you. Normally I stay as far away from those carts as possible, but apparently I was feeling overly optimistic yesterday. So, here I am driving the bus down the (very narrow) aisles while Kameryn proceeds to scream. and scream. and scream. No problem, you say, just whip out your sling and be on your way. I do a quick search of the diaper bag and find no sling. Nope, it had been taken out of the bag, and hadn't been put away (shame, shame on me). Good news, though, I do find my brand new freehand mei-tai. Surely she will love this pouch, snuggle right up, and go back to sleep. It looks so inviting and comfy. I put it on (this takes a few minutes as I'm new to the contraption) Um, no. No, she doesn't love it. No she doesn't snuggle right up and go back to sleep. She proceeds to scream, even louder than before. By this time she's gotten herself quite worked up, and I have yet to find even a card for my mom, let alone some of the groceries we stopped there for in the first place! It became clear that the carrier was out of the question (though I'd like to clarify that I *do* love it, and know that she will too ~ once she's a bit older), the car seat was out of the question. The only thing left to do was hold her. Of course, she's still a little wiggly, and doesn't have complete head control (she's only 11 weeks, 6 weeks if you consider she was born 5 weeks early). AND have you forgotten, I'm driving the bus?

It was an absolute miracle that we made it out of the store only a little worse for wear. Kam stopped the crying once I held her ~ sans mei-tai, Sierra helped me steer the massive cart, and by the time we made it to our next stop (no, we didn't go running home in fear), Kam was back to her easy-going self, hallelujah! We even managed to get a few groceries home, AND find some extra cool stuff for Mom. And, of course, Kam slept the rest of the afternoon (partly in the carseat, wouldn't ya know!)

Next time, it's Etsy. I found this and this for Mom on Etsy for Christmas. (Repeat this mantra to myself)

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Charmaine said...

Awww sooo cute.....and I love TRACIE CHAPMEN!

Jen said...

Well you survived, that's the important part :-) I ALWAYS ended up carrying the dang kids through the store, they were never content in the carseat! My moby wrap was helpful for a little while, but not for as long as I hoped - chunky monkeys got too heavy! She's adorable - hope you have a great weekend!

Amber said...

You poor thing!! I would've come along with you!

I steer clear of those carts at ALL costs!! I hate them! I save them for when daddy's with us. Saylor just likes to swing from the bar like a monkey, and Maddison is WAY too big to push. Heck, they're too hard to maneuver when there's nothing in it!

Plus, the baby would be way too far away from you in the actual cart part. I'm guessing you were at Target, my all-time favorite store??

She is so stinking cute though! :)

Have a great weekend!

Kristen said...

Haha, it sounds like one of my adventures out without daddy...the few that they are.(I almost always always have my mom with us too!)
I love the etsy gifts you found for your mom...I'm such a sucker for bags and jewelry...they're two of my favorite.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I HATE that car/truck cart combo thingy. It has a wider turn radius than a semi.

LOVING the cheeks on that baby of yours...super kissable :)

Jen said...

Liz, good morning! I've left you an award on my blog, so come over and check it out. (Hope you haven't done it already).

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

This was your best story yet!!! Liz, you should be a writer; remember Marlene always said that!! You are a real trooper! Can't wait to see the pics you took yesterday. Love you, girl!


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