Sunday, April 26, 2009

That Sweet Little Bum

I cloth-diapered Sierra. It seems like just yesterday (not nearly 7 years ago) I sat on the couch, pregnant with my first child, poring over the cloth-diaper catalogs. (Yes, catalogs. This was before my days online, people). I so wanted to get just the right ones. Eventually I chose the Kissaluvs fitted diapers. I also got some Fuzzi Bunz ~ I think those were AIO. Anyway, I LOVED cloth-diapering. I didn't always do it. The first month was a little chaotic due to an infection and hospitalization. And if we were away from home, I typically used disposable. But when I did cloth diaper, I really felt good about it. Fast forward two and a half years and we welcomed another little pumpkin. For some reason I cannot explain (because I don't know why, myself), I chose not to cloth diaper. I'm pretty sure that I still had the diapers I used with Sierra. Good grief, it wouldn't have even been much of an investment.

Here I sit with my third baby quickly approaching 3 months (tomorrow is the big day, in fact), and I have this yearning to cloth diaper again. I want to keep her sweet little bum happy, I want to help the earth and all that jazz. And, don't hate me for being a little on the shallow side, but have you SEEN the adorable diapers out there? Can you say Cu-ute? Let me tell you, from what I've seen, they have come a loooo-oong way with cloth diapers in the last seven years! Okay, so where do I even start? I cannot afford to invest too much (my dearest husband is already pretty skeptical). Oh, and did I mention that somewhere along the way, I got rid of the cloth diapers I had? So, I'm starting from scratch. So, I ask for your help, all you cloth-diapering mamas out there. What do you use? Which are your favorites (and why!) I have to say that I'm dying to try out the Bum Genius (but do I choose AIO? Bamboo? One Size? All these choices!)

If you have a minute, please leave me a comment or send an email my way. I'd love to hear from you!

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onegirliegirl said...

I never cloth diapered, so I can't comment on any of it, except to say good for you!! I was just a little too fearful of the poop factor :) My kiddos seemed to have very gushy diapers.

Abra said...

I love cloth diapering! I used to have Happy Heinys, but they leaked. Now I use BumGenius and LOVE them--no leaks at all! I ordered some from because they had free shipping with purchases over $49 and offer $10 off first purchase with this code: AACL7639. Put the code in at checkout, and you might want to try to the code EXTRABONUS too at the checkout. I mean, if you end up shopping there. I would also advice buying extra inserts for the diapers that way you don't have to wash the outsides everytime-just stick in a new insert. Oh, and I definitely recommend one-size BumGenius! Hope that helps!


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